I am a student at the Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir in Muscat, Oman. I am eight years old, and I have completed a 20-hour Japanese language course where I learned new words and greetings. Devendra dada is a very friendly person. He patiently responded to all of my questions. I had a great time learning greetings and basic sentences. The Japanese songs that were played throughout the course were enjoyable to me. I had a great time learning about various Japanese festivals and foods. I'd like to try Japanese cheesecake and Dora yaki. I'd like to go to Japan soon.

Adway Mandar

Bhashik Skill's lessons were my first introduction to Japanese, and I couldn't be happier. They’re fun, relaxed and engaging while full of linguistic and cultural content. I literally knew nothing about the language or Japan when I first started, but after finishing the course, I feel I have learned the fundamentals and gained confidence in both spoken and written Japanese.

Viraj Wadikar

Being based at home, it has meant that I have been able to study something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I found the course interesting, challenging, and rewarding. It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I have learnt so much from all of my teachers constructive input and guidance throughout each lesson of the course.

Viraj Jadhav

The course content was very interesting and the discussions were truly inspiring. Trainer Devendra Kelkar has thorough knowledge of Japanese language and culture, it surely gets reflected in his teaching. His friendly way of teaching made experience of learning new languages enjoyable. I got to know about many interesting facts about Japan, Japanese work culture, festivals and food. Learning Hiragana script was a very nice experience. I look forward to attend future courses

Shraddha Taware