Arabic Language Certification Course

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About Course

The course is fashioned in such a way that helps students not only get acquainted with the language but also get familiar with the language-driven knowledge about the industry. A child will learn about rhymes, a school student will learn about language know-how which will help them prepare for their second language studies at school. A professional will learn about language implementation in accordance with their field of work.

Duration : 30/60/90/150 Hours

Benefits of Learning the Language :

  • It’s the official language of 22 Arab countries.
  • Worldwide job opportunities, especially in the gulf region.
  • Arabic is the primary language for business in many different countries, so if you are attempting to gain employment in a company that has international dealings, you can expect your resume to gain some immediate attention.
  • You can experience the hundreds of years old arabic culture, for which the knowledge of the language is necessary. 
  • Arabic is useful as the gulf has many fabulous tourist destinations in Asia. It obviously helps to know Arabic when one is travelling/working in the region.

Preferred Industries :

  1. Petrochemicals
  2. Finance
  3. Tourism
  4. Construction and real estate
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What Will You Learn?

  • Language Introduction
  • Day-to-day activities and conversations, language proficiency, and vocabulary required for Arabic 100 and Arabic 101 level of the ALPT, conducted online by the Arab Academy.